Unreal Engine 4 Levels & Prototypes

'Souls like' Action-RPG game & level prototype - The Mechanical City (February 2018)

I made this whole prototype in 3 days. 

My goal was to make a full level design with a complex layout, interesting exploration and combat encounters.

This prototype uses the Dynamic Combat System package for UE4 by Grzegorz Szewczyk as a basis, but I designed & scripted many additional gameplay elements, like moving mechanisms, healing & XP systems, collectibles and several enemy types.


Medieval Village - Level Design & Level Building (January 2017)

Level Design exam with Arkane Studios

We had 6 hours to make a "grey blocks" level prototype on Unreal Engine 4, along with a complete document to explain the level's intentions. 

Our level had to use pairs of contrasts (spatialization, lights, thematics, etc.).

I chose the theme of Greatness VS Decadence and I conveyed it through the exploration of a Lost City, that belonged to a once great civilization.

This exam was supervised by Christophe Lefaure, Level Architect at Arkane Studios. He was enthusiastic about my level.

Desert Ruins - Level Design & Level Building (early 2016 - made as a school project, with Infinity Blade assets)

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