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October 2017 - June 2018

We made an ambitious swashbuckling action game prototype, with a team of talented students!

June - October 2017 - Copenhagen

My first international work experience, as an associate producer. A team of talented people and a great game project!

Hits Playtime Coach

February - June 2017

I follow several student's projects for the Hits Playtime Contest, and give them advice & feedback on production, design, etc.

Global Game Jam

January 2017

I worked on a game in an official Global Game Jam Site, with more than 100 other participants.

Indiecade Europe

November 2016 - Paris

I attended to several talks, and presented Gathernomoss at the "Show & Tell" event.

Montreal International Game Summit

November 2016 - Montreal

I attended to a lot of talks & keynotes, and met with professionals of the AAA game industry.

AMAZE - Indie Game Festival

April 2016 - Berlin

I discovered innovative indie games on the show floor, met with indie developpers and attended to several talks.

April 2016 - Paris

For the National Finals, we made a 30 minute presentation of our game Oneiros, in front of Microsoft representatives.

October 2015 - La Gaité Lyrique, Paris

The first version of Gathernomoss was exposed in this Art Center for 2 weeks. Anybody passing by could try it!

July-August 2015 - Nagoya, Japan

I worked as a game designer & UI designer on a mobile game, with a team of 15 japanese and international students.

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