This game was made during my exchange at TRIDENT Computer School, Nagoya, Japan.

The project was made in partnership with Crypton Future Media Inc., the company that develops the famous Vocaloid softwares.


The game was originally a mobile rythm game, starring Hatsune Miku, in which she was literally surfing on a "music wave". The player had to perform tricks with touch controls. 


But at the middle of the project, the people from Crypton changed their mind, and the game turned into a Kinect and VR rythm game!


This exchange program in Japan was a great opportunity, as I learned to work with people from a totally different culture, and in -almost- professionnal conditions.

Project SoundRider

Game designer, UI designer

2015 - Made during exchange program in Japan

Team: 15 international students (Singaporean and Japanese)

Project length:  2 weeks

Engine: Unity

Genre: Mobile rythm game

© 2015 Adrien Poncet.