Minion Masters

Assistant Producer internship

Betadwarf Entertainment

(Copenhagen, Denmark)

June-September 2017 - Steam Early Access

Team: 12 independent developers

Project length: 15 weeks internship

Engine: Unity

Genre: Tactical/action, collectible cards

As an intern at Betadwarf, my main role was to help the producer to coordinate the production of weekly updates. I worked on a total of 14 updates during my internship.

I had to test the game regularly, to give feedback on the game's design & user experience. At first, as I didn't know the game in details very well, I mostly suggested ergonomy and UX improvements. Then as I learned the game better, I could give my thoughts on cards & heroes mechanics and balancing, too.

I also worked a lot on quality assurance. I had to test new features thoroughly and to do a full smoke test before each update. I had to make detailed and clear bug reports and to assign them to the right persons of the team.

I updated and improved several workflow documents, such as the smoke tests procedures document and QA methodologies. I also wrote a general introduction to the project's workflows, to help future interns and employees. 

I helped on the management of the task planning workspace (Trello). I had to organize some tasks, to clean all the obsolete ones and to help on task priorization. I also tried to find ways to improve the task board's organization. 

Finally, I managed user support, players bug reports & community feedback, through mails and Discord channels.

At the end of my internship, I had to introduce a new intern to the project's workflows during a few days. It was very interesting because I was able to validate all the improvements I made to the workflows.

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