2015 Hits Playtime Contest JURY'S FAVORITE!

Producer - Director - Programmer - Game Designer

Play as a rolling head seeking its body in a silly world made of classical Arts!

Commercial release - 2017

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2017 - School project in partnership with Oh Bibi

Producer - Director (Team of 7 students)

Ragdoll Climbing game made in 10 days, and released on Google Play Store.

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2017 - School project

World Designer - Level Designer - Level Builder - Sound Designer

An exploration/horror game set in a mysterious abandonned mine.

2016 - Microsoft Imagine Cup 

NATIONAL FINALIST, won Silver Medal!

Main Programmer - Sound Designer - Game Designer - Level builder

A narrative puzzle game in which you can manipulate emotions.

2015 - Exchange program

in Nagoya, Japan

Game Designer - UI Designer

Made with a team of international students, in partnership with Crypton Future Media.

2015 - School Project

Game Designer
Made with a team of 15 students, in partnership with Gameloft Paris.


Most of those games can be played in browser or downloaded.

Some of them are actually my personal favorites!

Microwave Tycoon 2077
2017 - Global Game Jam
(MicrowavePunk action)
2016 - School project, team of 20 students
(Tactical party game)
Le Shopping Boulevard
2016 - School Project, I was producer & managed students in India
(Speed fashion)
Mon Démon Et Moi
2015 - Ludum Dare #34
(Artsy game)
Sick Wave
2015 - School Project, focused on balancing
(Tower Defense)
2015 - Workshop School Project (Rythm game, sort of)
Ab Antiquo
2015 - School Project
(Narrative game)
Peter's Song
2014 - Indie Game Maker Contest (Narrative puzzle game)
Les Rois de L'imaginaire
2014 - School Project
(Board game)
Purgatory, Inc.
2014 - School Project
(Point & Click Adventure)
Walter's Candies
2013 - Game Jam
(Game for Drug Prevention)
2013 - Personal project
(15h long J-RPG)
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