En Garde!

Producer, Creative Lead,

Game Designer, Sound Designer


2017-2018 Graduation Project (5th year at Supinfogame)

Team: 8 students

Project length: 9+ months

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.18

Genre: Swashbuckling action-adventure

En Garde! pays tribute to Swashbuckler films & litterature. The player embodies an impetuous fencer who fights her villainous opponents with panache and acrobatic skills. The goal is not to kill the enemies but to humiliate them.

The game got the highest grade from our final jury and was praised for its level of polish, its peculiar mood and its overall quality. We developed the game full-time for the whole school year with a team of 8 students. Each one of us was specialized in very specific fields (character art, animation, gameplay programming...).

My personal goal with En Garde! was to make the strongest creative vision I'm capable of, and to help each member of my team to give their best on the project. I also hope that I'll make a similar project as a commercial game one day in my career.

"This is the greatest video game ever made!"

- Jacksepticeye

A long interview where I talk about the game's development (stream replay, in french)

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