Welcome to my Portfolio!

I'm a French student in game design and management at Supinfogame. I'm a highly adaptable team player and a problem solver. What I like the most is creative vision, game design and project management.

I also like to be versatile - I work on some of my projects as a generalist game creator (design, code, art...).

 I love to create meaningful games that provide strong fantasies to the player.

I'm currently looking for a 6-month Internship for Summer 2018, to conclude my studies.

Feel free to contact me!   adr.poncet@gmail.com   

My Games

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More games

Those are older or smaller games that I still find interesting. Most can be played in browser or downloaded.

Microwave Tycoon 2077
2017 - Global Game Jam
(MicrowavePunk action)
2016 - School project, team of 20 students
(Tactical party game)
Le Shopping Boulevard
2016 - School Project with a team of french & indian students
Mon Démon Et Moi
2015 - Ludum Dare #34
(Artsy game)
Sick Wave
2015 - School Project, focused on balancing
(Tower Defense)
2015 - Workshop School Project (Rythm game, sort of)
Ab Antiquo
2015 - School Project
(Narrative game)
Peter's Song
2014 - Indie Game Maker Contest (Narrative puzzle game)
Les Rois de L'imaginaire
2014 - School Project
(Board game)
Purgatory, Inc.
2014 - School Project
(Point & Click Adventure)
Walter's Candies
2013 - Game Jam
(Game for Drug Prevention)
2013 - Personal project
(15h long J-RPG)
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