Climb to the moon

Producer, Director

March 2017 - Mobile game school project

Team: 7 students

Project length: 2 weeks

Engine: Unity

Genre: Cute arcade climbing game

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Try to reach the moon with a variety of cute characters in this easy-to-learn ragdoll climbing game !

This game was made in partnership with Oh Bibi!. After one week of development, we released it in beta version on the Google Play Store. On a second week, we added content to the game and polished it thanks to players' data tracking (using Amplitude).

We released the game's final version after 10 intensive days of development. 

I worked as a project leader, dealing with project management and creative vision. I had to coordinate the work of 6 students with various skills and to help everyone of them in their tasks.

The biggest difficulty was to make the right production choices and to work non-stop, in order to deliver a good playable prototype in only 6 days.

Game's rating (out of 5) on Google Play Store

The game was well received by a small community of players that we managed to build thanks to our networks. We made a small character design contest on twitter, asking fans to draw a character that we will integrate in the game... and we received over 40 participations!

The game also got the best grade of all 14 the projects that were produced at the same time by other teams of the school.

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