Timeline - Events & Milestones

Global Game Jam
Jan. 2017
Indiecade Europe
Nov. 2016, Paris
Shown Gathernomoss
Nov. 2016, Montreal
Attended to Talks
April 2016, Berlin
Attended to talks
Microsoft Imagine Cup
April 2016 - Paris
National Finals
Exchange Student
July 2015 - Nagoya, Japan
Trident Computer college
Gathernomoss Exhibit
June 2015 - La Gaité Lyrique, Paris
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Achievements - Will YOU help me get one of those?

Already unlocked (chronological order)

To be unlocked

  • Get my Master's Degree in Game Design

  • Ship an indie game - almost there!

  • Ship a AAA game

  • Get an international work experience

  • Show a game in a gaming convention

  • Publish a critically acclaimed game

  • Lead a design team

  • Become a creative director

  • Hidden Achievement

2015 Hits Playtime Contest JURY'S FAVORITE!

Producer - Director - Programmer - Game Designer

Play as a rolling head seeking its body in a silly world made of classical Arts!

Commercial release - 2017


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