About me

What I like the most in game development is creative vision, game design and project management.

I also like to be versatile - I work on some of my projects as a generalist game creator (design, code, art...).

I'm a highly adaptable team player and a problem solver.

Since 2013, my game-related studies allowed me to work on many games in various conditions with lots of different people, and to deal with almost every aspect of game development.

My interest in the gaming industry has also brought me all around the world - to San Francisco, Berlin, Copenhagen, Montreal and even Japan for several events or professional opportunities.

Game Design philosophy

Creating meaningful & coherent games that provide strong fantasies for the players, along with deep systemic interactions. 

I also love narrative-driven gameplay.

Favorite Genres


single player 


RPG, Immersive Sim...)

Recently Loved

Zelda Breath of the Wild

Persona 5 - Nier Automata 

Hollow Knight - Mario Odyssey

Assassin's Creed Origins

Games that inspire me

  • Japanese game design

(Nintendo, From Software, Hideo Kojima, Fumito Ueda, Katsura Hashino...).

  • Western AAA productions 

(Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, Bethesda...)

  • Indie/artsy games of all sorts (ACE Team...)

Besides video games...

  • I'm into everything related to comedy & humor 

  • I used to make lots of creative videos

  • I love cinema and every aspect of filmmaking

  • I like Mythology, History & ancient stuff in general 

  • I'm really curious, anything can interest me!

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